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AP / Riccardo De Luca

Letter from Africa: How racism haunts black people in Italy

BBC News | 2022-08-15

In our series of letters from African journalists, Ismail Einashe writes that many black people in Italy feel that racism is not taken seriously. For Italian-Eritrean filmmaker and podcaster Ariam Tekle, there is no doubt that the recent killing of a disabled...

AP / Anmar Khalil

Iraq’s top court reject's Sadr's ultimatum, says it does not have authority to dissolve parliament

Press TV | 2022-08-14

Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) says it lacks sufficient authority to dissolve the country's parliament, urging all parties to refrain from getting the judiciary involved in political rivalries. The SJC made the announcement on Sunday in response to the...

Creative Commons / Taiwan Statebuilding Party

More US lawmakers visit Taiwan 12 days after Nancy Pelosi trip

Al Jazeera | 2022-08-14

A US delegation of lawmakers has arrived in Taiwan for a two-day visit during which they will meet President Tsai Ing-wen – the second high-level group to come amid continued military tensions with the island’s giant neighbour, China. Beijing, which claims...

AP / Tarek Wajeh

At least 41 killed in Egyptian church fire caused by electrical fault

Dawn | 2022-08-14

At least 41 people were killed and 45 injured in a fire sparked by an electrical fault during Mass at a Coptic Christian church in the Egyptian city of Giza on Sunday. The blaze erupted just before 9am when 5,000 people had gathered for Mass at the Abu Sifin...

AP / Ben Curtis, File

Ruto pulls ahead in Kenya's presidential vote count as tempers fray

Reuters | 2022-08-14

NAIROBI, Aug 14 (Reuters) - Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto has edged ahead in a tight presidential race, according to official results reported by Kenyan media on Sunday, as more riot police were deployed inside the national election tallying...

WN / Imran Nissar

On the anniversary of partition, let’s consign the pitiless logic of Hindu v Muslim to the past

The Guardian | 2022-08-14

In a remarkable document from the 13th century, a Sufi writer records his epiphany about the prophet Muhammad granting permission to music in India. Quoting an enigmatic utterance of the prophet (“I sense the breath of the Merciful coming from Yemen”), he...

AP / Noah Berger

Despite climate, war and Covid, is everything actually … getting better?

The Observer | 2022-08-14
Creative Commons / domingo arriaga nabo…
Creative Commons / Fronteiras do Pensamento
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AP / Daniel Bolshakov

Fireworks Blast at Market in Armenia Kills 2, Injures 60

Voa News | 2022-08-15
AP / Marco Ugarte, File

Mexico President fights to keep army in streets

NewstalkZB | 2022-08-15
GFDL / Ardfern

Children affected by Manchester Arena attack urged to share experiences

Belfast Telegraph | 2022-08-15
AP / Nariman El-Mofty

Tigray rebels deny 'direct engagements' with Ethiopia government

The Manila Times | 2022-08-14
WN / Ahmed Deeb

Islamic Jihad proved any resistance group can destroy biggest Zionist fortress: speaker

Tehran Times | 2022-08-14
Creative Commons / Lorie Shaull from Washington, United States

Police: Man killed himself after ramming US Capitol barrier

Castanet | 2022-08-14
AP / Khwaja Tawfiq Sediqi

Taliban’s First Year in Office “Tumultuous” and Their Accomplishments ‘Negative’ Says ex-President Karzai

Khaama Press | 2022-08-14
Creative Commons / U249601

Police chief quit after abuse by British colonial troops in Kenya covered up

The Observer | 2022-08-14


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Creative Commons / domingo arriaga nabo…

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